Sue Perkins

Sue has written for French and Saunders and Ab Fab, as well as countless radio series. As a solo performer, she presented three series of the Sky film show, ‘Movie Babylon’, and two series of ‘Good Evening Rockall’ for BBC3. Sue is a regular contributor to ‘Have I Got News For You’ (BBC1) ‘Newsnight Review’ (BBC2), ‘Never Mind the Full Stops’ (BBC4), ‘Clive Anderson’s Chat Room’, ‘It’s Been A Bad Week’ (Radio 2) ‘Just a Minute’, ‘The News Quiz’, ‘Heresy’, ‘The Personality Test’ (Radio 4).

Over the last two years, Sue has written two full-length stand-up shows, ‘Spectacle Wearer of the Year’ and ‘The Disappointing Second Show’, which have toured extensively to sell-out crowds, and been crowned, officially, The World?s Greatest Liar in a hard fought contest in a pub in Cumbria.

Most recently. Sue dressed up for the BBC4 documentary, ‘Edwardian Supersize Me’, where she ate thirty courses a day in whalebone corsetry. This has been commissioned for a series by BBC2, which means Sue will spend most of the next six months in a truss eating quail.
Sue is writing a novel, which she began a decade ago, and expects to finish sometime in 2035.