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Kristina Grimes

From the minute Kristina Grimes hit our screens during the first episode of 'The Apprentice', the nation were left in no doubt that she was a force to be reckoned with.

Kristinawas, without doubt, the people's favourite. She excelled at every task undertaken and displayed a steel-like determination to succeed. Her outstanding business attributes were evident week after week and, unlike many of the other competitors, stayed clear of the back-biting that they appeared to thrive on. The viewing public were shocked when, during the final episode, Sir Alan Sugar did not choose her as the winner. Kristina, as always, accepted defeat with utter dignity, further endearing her to the massive 'Apprentice' audience.

Kristina first displayed her strength of character in her teens. Whilst supporting her son, Graeme, she put herself through university and then proceeded to make her mark in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Through sheer hard work, determination and total commitment, she became highly successful, reaching Senior Management level.

Kristina, is now the Investment Sales Director for a leading Property Developer. She continues to prove that she has the versatility to be a success in multiple industries and says " I aim higher and higher, there will be never a limit to what I want to achieve. For every success the drive and enthusiasm just gets greater; the motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of success just grows and grows" .

Since being on 'The Apprentice' Kristina has been inundated with requests to act as a 'keynote speaker'at high profile events throughout the UK. She has made several television appearances and has other offers of media work under consideration.

Kristina is much in demand as an inspirational/motivational speaker and, as always, never fails to deliver. The impressively confident presentation she made to the large high profile audience and Sir Alan Sugarand his team proved beyond a shadow of a doubt her unequivocal skill in this direction. She was word perfect and did not falter once when difficult questions were being thrown at her. This was just another challenge laid down for 'Kristina' – one she accepted and, once again, excelled at.

Kristina Grimes is highly recommended as a business speaker. She has proved she excels at motivating her own workforce and delights in doing the same for our Corporate clients. She is, without doubt, an inspiration to us all.