David Garmston

Highly acclaimed journalist and broadcaster, David Garmston has more than 20 years' live television experience.  David Garmston is also the presenter of a live, weekly Political programme, ‘The Politics Show’ which features in-depth interviews with leading national and local politicians.

A gifted communicator, David has a knack of bringing complex subjects to life and provoking stimulating debate. David chairs lively and challenging studio discussions.

David has interviewed many of prominent people in public life… from Tony Blair to Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron to Tony Benn, Joan Collins to Charlton Heston.

David's style is friendly and warm but his journalistic background ensures that he’s focussed and entertaining. Indeed, David is respected for his journalistic integrity and his passion for fairness.

David anchors a programme that switches between covering major national stories like the Gloucestershire floods to features on local Morris Dancers. David is comfortable whether dealing with big, breaking news stories or “pretend” boxing with the British women’s champion Jane Couch.

David Garmston has special expertise in chairing question and answer sessions. He has also hosted Question Time style programmes with large studio audiences. Outside the broadcasting field, he has presided at conferences on health, transport and local government and shown himself to be a popular MC at awards ceremonies. David recently chaired a regional conference on climate change linking into a national event where the speakers included the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and Prince Charles.


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