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Tanya Harrison

In December 2017, Tanya Harrison with Reuben DeMaid on vocals and herself on piano, released her self composed Christmas song, already it is sweeping across social media and has been watched by thousands with amazing feedback, in November 2017 Tanya travelled with Reuben DeMaid to London to film 'Little Big Shots UK'. Tanya coached Reuben the day before the performance and warmed him up on the actual day of his performance. In January she will be doing it with him again, only this time it will be for 'Britain's Got Talent'. Warner have finally agreed to let Reuben enter which is something he has been longing to do for a few years. It is not just Reuben's amazing voice that will captivate and delight audiences but his performance; thanks, in no small part, to the hours and hours of training that Tanya has given him on how to perform to an audience - something which Reuben has certainly mastered!

Now one of the most respected voice coaches in the UK.  Tanya's journey of hard work and total commitment has been a long and arduous journey.  Tanya's talent for music was recognised at the age of four when her dad took her to a top music teacher who thought she was good enough to take on.  This was the start of her intense regime of two hours a night and five hours a day at weekends.  This training continued and by the time she was 6 years old she was playing at such a high standard that she was invited to perform her first Mozart Piano Concerto with a live orchestra.

For many years Tanya continued to work hard within music from singing to piano and composing as she discovered she could express her feelings through music.  At the age of 14 she enrolled a music colleage full time - she completed the four year course in just two.  She enrolled in University at 16 and she was the youngest pupil they had ever taken on.  Tanya finished with the highest grades possible to achieve. 

On moving to the UK a few years later she teamed up with a pianist and funded her university education by winning every singing competition entered. At the end of her course she was invited to attend an audition for an elite course at Cardiff University. She sang for Dennis O’Neil who, to this day, tells people how blown away he was on hearing ‘the best voice he had heard in 20 years’. Tanya then became a student of the Welsh Academy of Voice which had been set up by Dennis O’Neil to find the top 10-15 amateur opera singers from around the world who he would train to become ‘the elite’. He brought in professional singers and coaches from all over the world to train his students from Richard Bonynge CBE, world famous conductor and Pianist (Widower to Dame Joan Sutherland) to Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

Some years later, after her twins were born, Tanya started taking in students for piano lessons and the occasional vocal lesson. She discovered that she enjoyed teaching vocal more than piano and would often start teaching her piano students to sing at the same time as teaching them piano. Her reputation grew and she started to design her own style and technique of teaching which produced great results. One day while having her hair cut she was talking to the stylist, telling her what she did when the stylist said that the owner’s son loved singing and was desperate for a coach. The owner came over and introduced herself, saying that her son Reuben was only seven and although he could not sing he was desperate to learn. They had taken him to a number of teachers who had all said he was too young. Tanya auditioned him and, despite her husband and Reuben’s mum saying that they felt he was no good, Tanya felt that there was something there she could work with. She decided that she would use him to experiment with her new techniques. Reuben started to improve at a rapid pace and Tanya also trained him to perform to an audience and she built up his confidence. Soon Reuben was becoming well known, he was asked to sing for the Queen, he had the lead role in an opera and he was the youngest child ever to be asked to join the Children’s Choir of Great Britain. At the same time Tanya’s career as a vocal coach was starting to take off, Dennis O’Neil, hearing how well she was doing asked her to join him as a coach at the academy working alongside him and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. The students loved her and her hours there have grown each academic term. Dennis recommended her to the Cardiff choir ‘CF1’ who had entered the competition for ‘Choir Of Wales’ but felt they needed help perfecting some of the pieces, Tanya helped them, and they won first prize. The following year they entered ‘Choir Of Great Britain’ and, again with Tanya’s help, they won first place.

By now her student Reuben DeMaid was flying in his career, he had started to win most of the competitions that he entered and they were travelling all over the UK.  The American programme, ‘Little Big Shots’ saw Reuben on Youtube and were desperate to get him on the programme. Ellen Degeneres had also seen him and wanted him on her show first. The head of Warner Music was at one of these shows and immediately offered Reuben a contract - the youngest artist they had ever signed. Following this Tanya had a Warner film crew in her music room, recording her giving Reuben lessons

By now Tanya’s reputation had travelled all over the UK and she was getting students travelling from as far as London and others learning via skype from some of the furthest parts of the land. Some came to with problems that specialist doctors had recommended could not be overcome and they would need to give up singing. Tanya discovered that she had a talent for knowing how to cure these issues as well as being able to detect issues that students were not even aware of – including some household names.

Now Tanya wants to do it again and again. She wants to show the world that this was not a one off and that, by using her Tanique, she can repeat it many times. She already she has many students who have gone through the first few stages in the auditions of both ‘The Voice Kids’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. At a recent large contest held in Wales, not only did 1st, 2nd and 3rd place go to Tanya’s students, but the two guest speakers were also her students.

In everything Tanya has done she has worked hard to make sure she was the top, the very best. Every exam she did at both college and University she made sure that she achieved the highest grades possible. Every day Tanya continues to learn and she truly believes there is absolutely no vocal coach out there better than her. She believes that she will get to the very top of her profession and that one day world famous singers will travel to stand in the room that has now become quite famous amongst her students. It can be seen on literally hundreds of YouTube videos of students singing and she whole heartedly believes 100% that she can make it happen.

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